Hidden Joshua Tree: The Real Guide to Joshua Tree National Park (Revised & Expanded)

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The Real Guide to Joshua Tree National Park – Revised & Expanded


Revised & Expanded edition includes new locations, and easier to read topographical maps! GPS, and site history included!

There are many reasons to visit Joshua Tree National Park. Mammoth granite boulders leaning topsy-turvy against each other create cartoon-like wonderlands of endless hiking, climbing, and exploring opportunity. It’s vistas and landscapes are some of the most photographed desert  lands in the world.

First recognized as a National Monument, and now a National Park, Joshua Tree National Park is a national treasure. Within it lies many natural wonders, valuable cultural resources, and
history. Hidden Joshua Tree is an unofficial, but extensive guide to the places in Joshua Tree National Park that have been kept from general public knowledge.

The sites written about in this guide are not highly publicized, if at all – making it one of the most controversial writings about the park today. Many of these sites are sensitive and the utmost
care and respect should be taken when visiting them. The places in this book are fiercely loved and protected by locals, park officials, and vacationers who have ventured off the beaten path alike.

The signs in Joshua Tree will point you to all the main attractions. This book will show you that if you look a little deeper, you just might find the true, “Hidden Joshua Tree.”


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